Automotive industry and the trucks: the business that moves millions of $ per year. Think global act local.

Automotive Business in USA: “Think Global but Act Local”

It is hard to understand the passion of Americans for their cars and “trucks” if it is not linked to their cities and mobility. Without a car it is simply impossible to have a “normal” life because cities were designed for the cars and not for pedestrians. Meanwhile in Europe it is possible to live in cities without the need to have a car due to our public transport system or structure of the cities, in USA, even the most simple daily task like going to buy bread needs a car.

Not to mention the distances and how the population is spread through the country. Besides that, there is something special in their relation with the cars. The time and money spent on them, doing retrofit, restoring or tuning, it is impressive if we compare with the more pragmatical approach we have in Europe. This means business that would not have real potential in Europe, in the States, moves millions of $ per year.

What brings once more the old slogan for business in USA: “Think Global but Act Local”

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